Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Uncle Bulgaria - knitted womble

Well here he is finished at last,
I stayed up till the early hours of this morning, and then got up at 6.30am, as my friend who wanted this was going away this evening instead of tom evening, and it was a easter present for her son,
Hence why i was up till late and got up early yet again, to get him finished,
he was finished by half nine this morning but had to wait till they went so that her son didnt see him,
I even made his glasses,
Hope you all enjoy looking at him, as I am proud I have finished him now, and I like him,
I also made a decoupage card today, but will post that later as waiting for the lady to collect it first,


yvonne said...

OH my .. this is even better .. he is fab .. love his little shawl ( sorry if i have the name wrong) .. but he is out of this world. Bring them back !!

sassyb07 said...

he turned out wonderful Angie!
hugs, Valerie