Saturday, 25 April 2009

Boxed Tractor

My Tractor is off to its new owner today, so I had to make the box for it,
Just thought I would post it on here for you to see,
The colour choice for the box was the choice of the customer, not mine, I dont think its does the tractor justice, but the customer is always right,,,,,,,,,, possibly lol,
At least the money that I have got coming for this will be going towards my local RSPCA,
back l8rs with more bits n pieces,
Hope your all having a super weekend,


Donalda said...

This is just gorgeous dear so talented you are hon. I am sure they will love it

Kim. said...

A really lovely gift. Beutiful.
Kim xXx

yvonne said...

The box does finish it off don't it. I know what you mean, i am fed up with pink at the mo , thats all one customer wants .. lol

ella bella said...

wow this is just fabulous you are so clever, such a beautiful gift
Tracy x