Thursday, 19 March 2009

My Sons Crafting for his school project,

Today I want to show off my middle son Hayden's craftyness,
The photos above are of the castle he made for his school project,
complete with lowering drawbridge, and turrets (towers),
he even borrowed (on a permanent basis) two sheets of my dolls house wall paper to show the brick pattern, he painted the inside of the drawbridge, and then added lolly sticks to the outside of it, made his own flag, and cut up and stuck toilet roll inners to make the towers,
I am proud of him for doing this, even tho his teacher didnt show any encouragement to him,


Kim said...

Angie that is amazing and so adorable!!!! What a fun project!
Hugs~ Kim

yvonne said...

Aggie .. see your son takes after you. What a fab castle. so much detail.. tell him is is a crafter full stop. I love it.

yvonne said...

Sorry , was ment to be Angie ,lol i