Sunday, 22 March 2009


Above are photos of the cards my lovely boys gave me, and the wonderful hydrangea plant they got me, along with a box of my favourite chocolates (apart from hersheys) Guylian sea shells, and also had my hair cut on thursday just gone,
I really didnt expect all of this after having my hair cut and coloured,
I am a very happy mum,
There was a lovely verse writen by youngest son Delcan in the purple flower card he made for me at school, it reads :-
a recipe for a perfect mum,
take a beautiful smile,
some soft hugs,
and loving kisses,
mix really well,
the results are great,
you have made my mum,
to say it brought a tear to my eyes, is the least,
just had to share it with you all,
hope you all have a great mothers day,


Mada said...

You are one blessed mother for sure. :) The boys outdone themselves in making your day as special as possible. Wonderful gifts and cards and poem. It brought tears to my eyes too, I have lost my Mum 3 months ago on Christmas Eve and I still miss her lots and lots. Wish I could give her that poem...


yvonne said...

oh , how beautiful is that poem, made me have tears in my eyes.

your children are a credit to you.