Sunday, 15 February 2009

3D Cards and Crochet Michael Strong Card

Here are the latest cards I have made,
the lowest card is for a challenge on Michael Strongs Yahoo Group, it includes crochet flowers,
the others are two birthday cards for my dad, and from the boys to grandad,
The first one you saw was anniversary card for a couple that love ten pin bowling,


yvonne said...
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yvonne said...

How i deleted i will never know,lol
sorry hun, i will try again. Love the cards, but have to say the last one. love the flowers such a wonderful way off showing your differnt art works off.
i have left you something on my blog. x

Meda said...

Wow! Those are some great flowers! And isn't that you on/beneath the vase? You thought no one would notice, right? He he he...

lilacanglia said...

Thank you Yvonne and Meda for the compliments,
Meda - - - Shh, no ones supposed to notice, te he he,