Monday, 5 January 2009

After Hurting My back on Friday, i made these crafty items,

Hello Everyone,
After hurting my back on Friday, getting down my christmas decorations without waiting for hubby, i couldnt do much but sit, so made the above items that you can see photos of,
the two cards are both monochrome unicorns,
then as a few of you know i am teaching myself how to crochet of the internet,
so i crocheted a preemie beenie hat/cap and matching pair of socks, this time i followed a pattern instead of a video, the same for the little mob hap pin cushion,
then i sat and knitted a 1:12th scale dolls house child beanie hat/cap and matching mittens as well,
after finishing knitting i tried to do a lovely bookmark in the shape of a angel, again from a pattern, and i chose the purple to do it in, as its my favourite colour,
huggies to all,
will post more again soon, hopefully without this bad back,

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