Friday, 11 July 2008

Well Hello everyone,

I just dont know where the time has flown to, i cant believe i havent posted in such a long time,

above are just three of the items i have made over the last month, in between orders i had for cards,

the first is a hand knitted christmas stocking with a snowman on it, its approx 10 inches long,

the second is a 1/12th scale bath mat for a dolls house, hand cross stitched by myself,

and the third is the last of a batch of handbag style cards i have made,

crafting huggies to you all,

i hope to post more often now i have got sorted, and my mum is out of hospital and back home now,

cya soon, Angie


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lilacanglia said...

i am not interested in adult movie sites please dont post anything like this again,